Medicaid Planning

In 2005 we saw changes to Medicaid planning when the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) was created.   It grants states flexibility to modify their Medicaid programs in ways that could negatively affect children and families' access to care. 

Most people assume that you must spend all your assets before Medicaid will begin to pay.  In reality, there are legal tools and financial tools which help families preserve assets if they did not properly plan for Extended Care.   We offer free consultation to see if your specific case falls under the Spousal Impoverishment Act.

VA Aid & Attendance

Did you know that certain veterans, their spouses, or their surviving spouses can receive up to $25,524 per year TAX FREE to help pay for care . . . at home, assisted living, memory care, or nursing care?

Benefits are available to pay professionals, family members, or friends to provide care.  Ask us today to see if your service )(or that of your parent) qualifies for these benefits or learn more about this benefit.

2017 VA Aid and Attendance Pension Rates

Married Veteran  $2127/mo     Single Veteran  $1793/mo    Surviving Spouse of Veteran  $1153/mo

Spouse of Living Veteran - Spouse Needs Care  $1408/mo    Two Married Veterans  $2846/mo