What is the goal of climbing a mountain?   Most people will say to "get to the top".   In reality, the goal is to climb back down.   Our economics based planning helps families plan and prepare for their first day of retirement ..... the day when they plant the flag on the summit of the mountain.

Phase 2 of our plan helps them with retirement cash flow and income streams.  Because we are economics based and not probability based, we can show our clients how they will never run out of money in retirement, and they are protected from a downturn in the market.

As far as planning goes, we address the following concerns:

  1. Tax Free Cash Flow during Retirement.
  2. Indexing Strategies which allow for upswing potential with no market loss.
  3. Income stream that you can never outlive.
  4. How to be your own banker and never pay interest to a bank again.